Apprentices visit Schwarzwaldwerkstatt

The apprentices and students of the Oest group of the first training year spent one day at the Schwarzwaldwerkstatt Dornstetten.

Actually the Schwarzwaldwerkstatt employs and looks after appr. 360 handicapped people. With 18 specialty departments, several outposts and roundabout 220 employees, the Schwarzwaldwerkstatt is the biggest employer of the community Dornstetten.

After a tour through the premises and workshops, the apprentices were allowed contribute their services actively. Under the roof of the Schwarzwaldwerkstatt, there are different fields such as the carpenter's workshop, textile workshop, an assembling service, metal working workshop and a car workshop - a meaningful work for people with handicap. The insight in the different activities and the mutual work in small groups was an interesting and valuable experience for our apprentices.

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