Change in Board of Administration

Since July 19th 2016, Mr. Jochen Klösges is the successor of Mr. Michael Mandel who quit the Board of Administration of the OEST group due to his function in the management of Commerzbank AG.

Since July 2014, Jochen Klösges (52 years old) is Chief Executive Officer of E.R. Capital Holding – the financial holding and shareholder of the Ship Manager E.R. Schifffahrt, of the issuing house Nordcapital as well as the E.R. Offshore.  

After his university studies in financial business economics, Jochen Klösges passed through different steps at Dresdner Bank, the German Hypothekenbank and the Eurohypo AG at Frankfurt. As group executive manager at the Commerbank AG, he directed in the year 2008 the fusion of Commerbank and Dresdner Bank. From 2009 until 2013, Jochen Klösges was a member of the managing board of the Commerbank AG before he changed to E.R. Capital Holding in 2014.  

We have found with Jochen Klösges a very competent and well-experienced successor for Mr. Mandel which assures a maximum of continuity in the Board of Administration.

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