NEW: Oecomix 2T special fuel now also available in the handy 1 ltr. bottle

The environmentally friendly special fuel for forestry and gardening is now also available in the following packing sizes: 1 ltr. bottle, 5 ltr. can, 20 ltr. can, 60 ltr. keg and 200 ltr. drum.

The advantages of the ready-to-use special fuels Oecomix 2 T and Oecokraft 4 T compared to “regular fuel” and mixtures is well known since long ago. Not only professionals from the forestry and gardening industry but also more and more private persons rely on the high-quality special fuels from Oest – and this with good cause.

Oecomix 2T and Oecokraft 4T convince with many advantages – not only for the engine but also for persons and nature. Only a few fuel grades can do without caution label “hazardous to the environment” – Oecomix 2T and Oecokraft 4T can!

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