CO2 neutral heating oil without any surcharge

Sustainability is one of the main topics at Oest – also regarding the product portfolio as provider and supplier of energy products. The latest coup: climate-neutral heating oil without any surcharge.

Commercial customers, who purchase heating oil from Oest, decide actively for climate protection without any surcharge when collaborating with us. Because Oest supplies now climate-neutral heating oil without any surcharge to its final customers!

Climate-neutral means: for the CO2 emissions, which occur when applying heating oil, investments are made in worldwide projects for CO2 compensation to the same extent. This is realized by purchasing certificates acc. to VCS and Gold standard. Projects which are validated according to this standard have to be “real, measurable, additional and permanent” and they have to be verified by third parties. This assures the appropriation and a highest standard of transparency.    

Oest invests as founder and shareholder of the German AVIA GmbH in this ground-breaking model with the AVIA heating oil product series.  

Customers will receive a certificate as proof with our climate-neutral heating oil. On this certificate they may find all the supported projects. For further information, please contact our team energy at Oest.

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