Support for "Blooming Nature Park" project

Oest Tankstellen GmbH & Co. KG is a new flower meadow sponsor in the Black Forest Nature Park Central/North.

The aim of the "Flowering Nature Park" project is not only to visually enhance local areas by sowing native seed mixtures, but also to make them ecologically valuable.

Lilli Wahli, project manager of "Blühender Naturpark", presented the sponsorship certificate to managing director Matthias Pape during the first sowing campaign in front of the Black Forest petrol station in Dornhan, one of Oest's more than 100 AVIA stations. Following the presentation of the certificate, employees of the company sowed an area of around 1,200 square metres with wildflower seeds – another 1,500 square metres are to follow in autumn. In total, the project has already transformed more than 370 areas into flowering wildflower meadows.

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