Foodsharing pilot project at AVIA service stations by Oest

In Germany alone, 11 million tons of food are thrown away every year. According to studies, 40% of this would still be edible without any problems.

With regard to the high-quality and sustainable design of service station stores and bistros, Oest Tankstellen GmbH & Co. KG has been dealing with this issue intensively for quite some time and has started to cooperate with the organization Foodsharing e.V. at some of its AVIA service stations. After very positive pilot project experiences in the first months, further AVIA stations of Oest are to participate in the Foodsharing project in the future.

Foodsharing e.V. aims to conserve resources and the environment by recycling as much food as possible. The project is run by volunteers. The so-called "food savers" regularly pick up goods that may no longer be sold due to damage, past their best-before date or for other reasons, but are still edible. The majority of the rescued food is given away to associations, food banks, soup kitchens, as well as through the foodsharing network. The organization is non-commercial and sees itself as a supplement and support to the more than 900 food banks in Germany.

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