New packing

Optimised 1 litre and 5 litre packing

The change of the packing for engine, gearbox and two-wheel oil will be made fluxionary and therefore friendly for environment and resources without disposal of the old packing or labels. For this ecologic sustainable solution, we condone the fact that during the transition period it could be possible that in one order the product is packed both in the „old“ and in the „new“ packing. Anyway this change is of big advantage for the customers and end users. The new packing does not only appear more modern from the optical point of view but it possesses also a higher recognition value and it convinces in material, processing and handling:

  • Better surface feel due to new shape
  • Antislip recessed grip
  • Optimised viewing strip at the side of the packing
  • Better draining behaviour
  • More clearly arranged and bigger labeling
  • Indication for used oil on the packing embossed
  • Optimised in weight and material
  • Better recycling
  • Optimised in packing due to less height

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