Forming lubricant PLATINOL B 804/3 COW-1 successfully placed in the automotive sector

The new development enables a sustainable process optimization.

Last year the study group of the association of the automotive industry has granted the approval with the “status 4” for our forming product OEST PLATINOL B 804/3 COW-1 for the universal application in the sheet press shops of the OEM’s and in their subcontracting press shops.

In the meantime, the forming lubricant stood the tests in the practice application. It is adjusted according to the specific requirements of the automotive industry and is applied in the production of automotive body shells for vehicles as well as for technical forming parts. OEST PLATINOL B 804/3 COW-1 enables for all press shops a production without annoying oil changes and assures a reduced waste due to high process safety.

The customers report better forming results and appreciate also effects such as a reduced zinc abrasion, the well-balanced wetting of the work piece surface and the reducible consumption of the lubricant. This is why this lubricant opens considerable potentials for a sustainable process optimization.

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