50 years Oest mechanical engineering 1964-2014

1964 is considered the birth year of Oest mechanical engineering. The experts for paraffin emulsions of the Georg Oest mineral oil company gained the idea to develop "devices for the automatic preparation of glue mixes" for the chip board industry.

Today Oest mechanical engineering are one of the leading manufacturers of machines for dosing, mixing and application of adhesives in the woodworking industry. In addition Oest  serves with specialized components other markets, such as for the production of sandwich panels in the caravan and insulation panel industry.

With an internal event the Oest Group celebrated this anniversary at the Glassmännle lodge in Baiersbronn on the end of July. Nice weather, good food and pleasant conversations made the evening enjoyable. The rustic ambience, beautiful views and excellent service of the host family Letsch have also made ​​their contribution.

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