Glue application system saves adhesive at CLT door and wall cutouts

Oest mechanical engineering has installed a glue application at Hasslacher Norica Timber in Stall (Austria), which detects where adhesive should be applied and where not.

This is a 2C MUF separate application for the production of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). The peculiarity is that existing cutouts in the panel for doors and windows are not glued. For this purpose each CLT layer runs under the 3.300 mm wide application head FACETAC. Special sensors detect the geometry of the element and the application head, equipped with 66 glue valves and 66 hardener valves switches in increments of 50 mm valves on and off.

A detailed report of the Austrian journal Holzkurier can be read here:

Holzkurier Nr. 33 2015

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