Filling plant for Maier & Korduletsch

Oest mechanical engineering has delivered and put into operation another complete system for the filling of high-performance lubricants.

The flexible system is used for the exact and process-safe transfer of large oil quantities into smaller sales units, from 20 liter canister to oiltainer up to 1,500 liter multitanks.

When investing in a new Oest filling plant, Maier & Korduletsch GmbH were particularly convinced about Oest´s engineering experience from the realization of the filling plant for its own Oest mineral oil company. In addition, they liked the practical concept and the simplified handling of the new plant.

Maier & Korduletsch mentioned the joint planning of the project as very professional. All individual customer requirements were discussed and implemented, for example the possibility to connect the new filling plant to the internal ERP system.

Beside the smooth integration, Maier & Korduletsch praises the technical advantages of the new filling line. High process quality during the filling and a very efficient emptying of the supply lines, via intelligent control of the pumps and valves on the lances, contribute to quality assurance and cost savings.

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