Application head for 1C-PUR surface gluing

For the production of glulam with 1C-PUR adhesive, Oest has further optimized its PROFITAC VN application head.

It is used at feed rates from 150 to 350 m/min. The standard glue width is adjustable from 80 mm to 300 mm in 10 mm increments, but larger glue widths are also available on request. The application head has a material valve for each adhesive bead and a corresponding nozzle bar with discharge holes.

With a servo y-axis, the edge distance of the adhesive beads is automatically adjusted to the width of the wood. A z-axis, also servo-driven, is used to position the application head according to the height of the lamella. The associated software program controls that all nozzles are used regularly ("all-in-use" principle), thus avoiding adhesive hardening within the nozzles. Between adhesive applications, the application head moves into a vessel with sealing agent trough a scraper, which cleans the nozzle bar of oil and adhesive residues before the next gluing operation.

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