Precise adhesive monitoring for surface application

For the monitoring of 1-component PUR adhesive application, in the industrial production of glulam, Oest offers a new type of monitoring system.

The monitoring system is mounted after the surface application. Here each glued lamella is measured geometrically and optically. In the first step a laser sensor determines the geometry of the adhesive beads. A color camera takes pictures of the texture of the glued lamellas. This way the result measured by the laser is also visible optically at a single glance. If individual adhesive beads are not in place or the gluing shows irregularities, the monitoring system issues a warning, whereupon the operator can inspect the glue applicator before an actual fault occurs. If the monitoring system detects a serious defect, the lamella is considered a reject or must be re-glued.

This new solution has already been successfully applied in the field and is an important component for glulam lines to increase the quality of the end product.

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