Reduced energy costs – maximized process reliability

On request, Oest uses energy-efficient drive components and energy-saving frequency converters for its adhesive dosing and application systems with mobile application gantry. This makes it possible to implement plant automation solutions that meet the highest demands for energy and power efficiency as well as security of supply.

The components installed enable the storage of regenerative energy obtained from the braking and lowering movements of the gantry. This is reused during the next motor operation and leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption.

In addition, the storage technology used enables uninterrupted system operation in the event of a power failure, during which the module automatically switches over to DC supply. This allows short power supply failures to be bridged or the application to be brought to a controlled standstill in the event of longer electric supply failures. For example, CLT elements that have been started can be glued to completion and the adhesive application head can be moved into a tank with barrier fluid. Fast restart scenarios are therefore guaranteed after disruptions in the supply network.

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