OESTERIA Smart Store opens

OEST ENERGIES launches pilot project with an innovative Smart Store concept at the AVIA Xpress filling station in Freudenstadt.

Oest has already had very positive experiences at several of its AVIA petrol stations with a bistro and store range that is unusual for the industry and focuses on regionality and sustainability. This approach is now being consistently pursued with the opening of a new 'Oesteria' smart store.

The robot-controlled store, where customers can shop around the clock, only offers food from regional producers in the surrounding area. The assortment capacity comprises up to 800 products. Customers can choose whether they want to select their order on site at the display or put together their products in advance in the online store set up for this purpose and then collect them from the Oesteria using a product code.

Following this pilot project, further Oesteria locations are being planned.