New cooling lubricant product series Colometa eco

The new Colometa product series ecoS and ecoT stand for synthetic and semi-synthetic cooling lubricants, ecoM for emulsions based on mine oil/ester oil. All three water-miscible product series are future-proof because they are free of FAD, MIT, boric acid and other ingredients threatened by restrictions.

Progressively restrictive regulations concerning the labeling and use of metalworking fluids, as well as increasing uncertainties regarding the availability of raw materials, have recently led to adaptions in the cooling lubricant concepts in more shorter time intervals.

With the development of the latest generation of cooling lubricants, Colometa eco, Oest has broken this general trend. The consistent avoidance of ingredients with known and expected future restrictions allows users to consistently use stable and safe cooling lubricants for the foreseeable future. This provides planning security and extends service life - combined with sustainable cost-saving potential.

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