Campaign for climate-neutral e-fuels throughout Germany

In order to achieve the climate target, it is necessary to have an energy policy which takes the security of supply, the affordability and the environmental compatibility similarly into consideration. This is what the UNITI requires and refers to e-fuels as solution for this problem.

Green electricity in the form of e-fuels is a technical and scientific reasonable solution because e-fuels make it possible to store and transport electricity in liquid form out of regions in the world which are rich in sun and wind. A transport via cable is much too uneconomic and does not solve the storage problem. OEST also supports this strategic solution statement as well as the requirement to allow e-fuels a pure fuels. It is also requested from the politics more openness fort he technology in order to achieve the EU climate protection targets.

E-fuels are completely explored and fulfill all requirements for the market launch. Everbody can help saving the climate with e-fuels. When driving a car, this can happen completely CO2 neutral or heating can be CO2 neutral heizen – immediately, without additional investments or technical modification.


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