Versatile Applications

The right system for each requirement

Our experience in developing and producing dosing, mixing and application systems for liquid media makes us a reliable choice for industry.

We supply reliable dosing technology for a range of different applications. On request, Oest also develops custom solutions to meet your requirements.


Woodworking Industry

  • 1C/2C surface gluing
  • 1C/2C joint gluing
  • 1C/2C finger-joint gluing
  • Dosing and mixing units
  • Manual application
Sandwich Elements

  • 1C/2C surface gluing
  • Manual application
Special Gluing Systems

  • for 1C and 2C adhesives



Filling Technology

  • for liquid media
  • for foam free below-surface filling
  • for different filling receptacles

Contact Person

Stephan Deitermann
Technologies Division

Phone:+49 (0)7441 539-475
Fax:+49 (0)7441 539-401