Innovative Technologies

Systems for dosing, mixing, applying and filling

We develop dosing, mixing and application equipment for single- and multi-component adhesive systems as well as filling plants for drums and cans in different sizes.

We supply customised equipment for a range of different applications e.g. in the field of caravanning.


Sandwich Elements

  • 1C/2C surface gluing
  • Manual application
Woodworking Industry

  • 1C/2C surface gluing
  • 1C/2C joint gluing
  • 1C/2C finger-joint gluing
  • Dosing and mixing units
  • Manual application
Special Gluing Systems

  • for 1C and 2C adhesives
Filling Technology

  • for liquid media
  • for foam free below-surface filling
  • for different filling receptacles

Our Technologies

Adhesive Applications

Our adhesive dosing and application systems excel thanks to high process reliability, dependability, user-friendly controls and low-maintenance operation.

Adhesive Mixing Systems

Our diverse range includes adhesive mixing systems to supply application machines automatically.

We develop custom solutions to meet your requirements for systems with liquid and powder components.

Filling Technology
  • for cans and drums
  • for lubricants, chemicals, paints etc.
  • manually, semi-automatic, fully-automatic
  • up to date control-interfaces
  • selectable performance modules

Automation and Conveyor Technology

We develop complete automation and conveyor solutions.

Our range of solutions includes, moving portals, conveyors of all types, as well as turning units, feeding units and robot solutions.

With our proven expertise, we can provide the right solution for your needs.


In addition to complete systems, we also supply individual components such as adhesive valves, dosing pumps, adhesive supply systems and adhesive heating and cooling equipment.

Our experienced team is continually working on new solutions for the different requirements of the adhesive processing industry.

Contact Person

Sebastian Bohnet
Technologies Division

Phone:+49 (0)7441 539-436
Fax:+49 (0)7441 539-401