Lubricants for industry, construction, forestry and agriculture

Complete supply from a single source

Oest ensures its products are state-of-the-art via continuous development at our in-house laboratory in Freudenstadt. While complying with common standards, Oest also flexibly implements customer-specific requirements. Naturally, always with an eye on environmental and human compatibility, as Oest is among the forerunners in the development of rapidly biodegradable lubricants.

A comprehensive range of products for a vast range of applications means that Oest can supply everything you need.

Key product areas

Machine Lubrication and Maintenance

Standard DIN oils and customised special oils

  • DIN hydraulic oils, including zinc free special oils
  • DIN industrial gear oils, including synthetic gear oils
  • Machine lubricating oils (compressor, slipway and vacuum pump oils etc.)
  • NLGI greases, low-viscosity greases etc.
  • Maintenance products, such as cleaners and corrosion protection
Industrial Lubricants

For an extensive range of industrial applications

  • Manufacturing oils with components for chemical products
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Dielectric fluids for electrical discharge machining 
  • Cleaners for machines, plants and halls
  • Auxiliary metalworking oils for machine lubrication and workpiece cleaning
  • Lubricants for small appliances such as chainsaws and strimmers, lawnmowers and snowploughs
Release agents and formwork oils

The product portfolio of OEST contains a series of versatile release agents and formwork oils. Among these products there is also the quickly biodegradable universal release agent Econol Bio B Plus, marked with the environmental label “Blue Angel”. You can find a complete overview of all release agents from the Econol series with the according applicational recommendations for building and underground construction as well as for concrete preforms in our product portfolio.


Based on rapidly biodegradable, renewable raw materials for a broad range of applications in environmentally sensitive areas, such as timber and forestry, concrete production, municipal works and agriculture

  • HEES and HETG hydraulic oils
  • Chainsaw oils
  • Reciprocating saw/chain conveyor oils
  • Separating and forming oils
  • Gear oils
  • Greases
  • 2T and 4T special fuels

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