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The topic of e-fuels continues to gain momentum

"There are numerous applications for which the battery car seems tailor-made. But there are also some where the e-drive is reaching its limits."

"These are not only long-distance and heavy-duty traffic, but also the huge stock of internal combustion vehicles that currently cannot contribute to climate-neutral driving - converting them to e-technology would be far too costly. This is where e-fuels come into play: synthetic fuels produced from green energy, the combustion of which - in the conventional gasoline engine! - no more CO2 is released than was previously extracted from the air," comments Michael Gebhardt, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Auto Bild, in his foreword to the E-Fuels Special in the current issue of AUTO BILD. A worthwhile special supplement on the state of the art with lots of interesting facts and information."

Click here for the AUTO BILD Special (only in German)