Oest trainees and DH students on discovery tour

This year's trainee excursion took the trainees and DH students to the Schmalz company in Glatten.

In order to gain an insight into the world of vacuum systems, there was first a company presentation. Afterwards, the trainees and DH students explored the production plant in small groups. This gave them the opportunity to see the application of Oest cooling lubricants live, at the customer's site.

Well-fortified, a lot of fun, action and adrenaline awaited the trainees in the afternoon - because it was going to be criminal! It was time to go on the hunt for dangerous criminals. With the help of iPads, the trainees received information about the locations where tricky criminal cases are said to have taken place in Freudenstadt. In order to track down the suspect, the motives, alibis and clues had to be interpreted correctly.