Research project for hollow profile lightweight components

Oest Maschinenbau was able to support the University of Kassel in a research project by providing a HYDROTOP 1D150P adhesive dosing system and a FACETAC P application head.

The research project, called "3DWoodWind", aimed to demonstrate new additive technologies in wood construction. 3DWoodWind is a three-dimensional robotic winding process for material-efficient hollow profile components that enable new types of lightweight construction. An AI-controlled design logic enables the intelligent combination and design of the modular components into multi-storey structures, which could serve as a substitute for concrete or steel systems in the future due to their high performance.

The research project "3DWoodWind" was awarded a prize in the BBSR Research Prototype 2022 Realisation Competition for applied research in the interface between artificial intelligence and digital fabrication methods.