Strengthening oft the management

The Oest group has now enhanced and strengthened its management with two new members. Both new members are employed since many years at the OEST group.

Ms. Saskia Weegels, for 25 years with Oest, possesses now commercial procuration for Georg Oest mineral oil company GmbH & Co. KG as well as for Oest filling station GmbH & Co. KG. Her career started with an apprenticeship in the company, and she was afterwards employed in several business units. After in-company academic studies, she took over the management of the energy department in 2010. Additionally, to a successful completion of the Master degree, Ms. Weegels passed the qualification as business management specialist in energy.  

Mr. Tino Schenk now possesses the commercial procuration for the Oest filling station GmbH & Co. KG. He is with OEST since 1992 and he mainly contributed in different positions to the success and expansion of the business unit. As Sales and Project Manager he is focussed on the development of the filling station network, the acquisition of new locations as well as on the realisation of new constructions and reconstructions.

Granting the commercial procuration to Ms. Weegels and to Mr. Schenk is not only an appreciation for special achievements. This is also the base to make decisions in the company even quicker and more efficient.